Getting Educated: H1N1

Because so many others have already stated what I would desire to make clear about H1N1 and the vaccine that has been introduced for it I invite you to visit some of the following links to further your understanding. Please educate yourself and make an informed decision based on fact.

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-CBS News
-5 Things Parents Should Know About the H1N1 vaccine
-More Information on the H1N1 vaccine

Here are some facts that I have found:

Because H1N1 is already considered a pandemic, the CDC stopped testing for individual cases of swine flu back in August. (Source: CDC)

As a result, doctors and clinics are no longer testing for H1N1 specifically but labeling any influenza-like illness (ILI) as probable H1N1.

The CDC states (emphasis mine):
In an effort to add additional structure to the national 2009 H1N1 reporting, new case definitions for influenza-associated hospitalizations and deaths were implemented on August 30, 2009. The new definitions allow states to report to CDC hospitalizations and deaths (either confirmed OR probable) resulting from all types of influenza, not just those from 2009 H1N1 flu.
However, the syndromic reports of all hospitalizations and deaths recorded as either influenza or pneumonia will mean that the case counts are less specific than before and will include cases that are not related to influenza infection.

I don't deny that novel H1N1 flu exists. I don't deny that people (someone's brother, sister, mother, father, daughter or son) have died as a result of the disease. But I do question the accuracy of the information that is being shared via the media. I question the tone and intention in which that information is shared. I question the motive behind the movement for vaccination against this disease.

If the government intends to have individuals such as myself support their approach to vaccination, they will need to begin operating on fact and not fear, with full disclosure of specifics not probabilities.

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